Plans are being made for us to be running in our next (2) ultras! Yes ULTRAS! Within the next 8 months, Know No Boundaries will be running in (2) 100 mile endurance events.

The first one will be Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd! This is a TATUR race & is one that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! It is held in Tahlequah, Oklahoma

in a very, very scenic area near Eagle Bluff. It is October 21-2d, 2017, so come by to support us!

The second race is Prairie Spirit, which is on Ottawa, Kansas on March 24-25, 2018. We PR’d here before, so look out!

At the moment, we are still looking for fundraising recipients, so it  you know of someone

who is in need, contact us!



         - Candy Springer-Bowlin - 

As a mother of a son who died of cancer and had no insurance, the costs were horrible. Not just the physical and mental costs, but the monetary cost required to support that person. We had to make many trips to the OU Medical center in order for Jason to get his treatment. Know No Boundaries was a God Send to our family. Ken ran a 100 mile race and recruited sponsors for the race. The monies raised were donated to Jason to support his treatments and trips to and from the OU Medical Center. Ken and the Know No Boundaries family not only supplied monetary support, but spiritual support with prayers and visits to Jason and our family. I cannot explain how much we appreciate the support and care that Know No Boundaries provided. I have seen several other families who have benefited from this organization and I am sure that they all appreciate the assistance that they received. This is truly a calling from God for Kenand the supporters of this organization. Without their support, it would have been a much harder road to travel.

                         - Stacy Hicks - 

Our son, Dillon received a specially made jogging stroller from Know No Boundaries in 2012. It allowed us to run WITH Dillon , take walks with him or just bing outside. Five years later, Dillon is still enjoying it. Thank you Ken and Know No Boundaries.

Know No Boundaries is also proud to partner with End2End Outdoor who provided (2) ACKTIK Petal Headlamps for us to add to the Male & Female winners of Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd.

Features are:

Rechargeable, compact. multi-beam headlamp with red lighting, designed for outdoor activities. 350 lumens.
The rechargeable ACTIK CORE headlamp offers 350 lumens of power which, combined with its mixed beam, makes it ideal for outdoor activities like mountaineering, running, hiking and backpacking. A HYBRID headlamp that comes with CORE, a battery that is rechargeable via standard USB port. It is compatible with standard batteries without the need for an adapter. Red lighting preserves night vision and prevents blinding other members of the group. Its reflective headband helps you to be seen when a light is shone on it, and is equipped with an emergency whistle for rescue situations.

We’ve partnered with yet another GREAT COMPANY - Hobo Hammocks

Our Mission- Helping the Homeless

What do hammocks and the homeless have in common? Probably not a lot until now! Hobo Hammocks is using our portable hammocks as a way to give back. My name is Jake Andersen and I started the company 2 years ago after spending a period of time being homeless by choice. I realized the homeless have a lot of difficult challenges they face every day and I wanted to do something about it. I teamed up with The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake so we could focus our efforts on not only feeding the homeless, but also helping them find jobs and get back into an apartment. Learn more about the Rescue Mission’s program here.

Coach Jeff’s The Running Podcast interviewed Ken Saveth, the Founder & Managing Director of Know No Boundaries to talk about the upcoming Ultra Cowboy Ultra 50km that is benefiting 

Here is the link to that interview for your listening pleasure.
I recommend to subscribe to Coach Jeff’s podcast feed as there are plenty of good talks.
Run on my friends & God Bless!


Know No Boudaries

Know No Boundaries is proud to partner with GRAYL Water Filtration Systems & to be providing one each for the Male & Female winners of Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd in October.

As avid trail runners, we are all aware of the importance of proper hydration. Most times, we have hate with us or grab some at a race aid station.

What do  you do when you find yourself far from water & out?

GRAYL Water Filtration Systems are your answer!

Every adventure involves some risk, but wise adventurers aren’t reckless. Whether you’re on the trail needing to drink from a dirty stream, filling up at a questionable hotel sink in Peru, or making your emergency preparedness kit — GRAYL has you covered. Our products feature full-spectrum protection from pathogens (virus, bacteria and protozoa), sediment, chemicals and heavy metals.

GRAYL has proudly joined thousands of adventures all across the globe; from mountaintop to raging river, and to almost every country on the planet. We can’t wait to see where you take us next. When you get there, drop us a line. @thegrayl

                                                                   (photo courtesy of @domchannon)                                        


As we here at Know No Boundaries follow a Vegan diet, we are thrilled to partner with Primal Spirit Foods who have provided their delicious Meatless Vegan Jerky that we will be serving at some of the aid stations at Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd.

If you’ve never tried Primal Strips, you are in for a mouth-watering treat. Once you try them, you will never want to go back to that unhealthy jerky of the past!

                                                                     Know No Boundaries is proud to recognize BRAGI, a company who epitomizes the idea of “pushing boundaries” through

                                                                     their unique innovative totally wireless SMART headphones - the BRAGI Dash. The Dash isn’t just for music.

                                                                     It’s a discrete personal assistant right in your ear. The experts said they couldn’t fit all that technology into an earphone. 
                                                                                                                                They were wrong!
                                                                     A powerful microcomputer with more than 150 micro components, 27 sensors and a 32-bit processor about the size of

                                                                     your fingertip.

                                                                                                                              True Personalization
                                                                     With its Gesture interactions, The Dash learns your body - Nod to accept a phone call, shake your head to decline it. 

                                                                     Waterproof - Heart Rate - Calories - Duration - Step Count - Pool Length - Distance - Breathes - Cadence

Read a GREAT article on Know No Boundaries' partnership with Bragi in the Ultra Cowboy Ultra 50km ultra marathon here.