Know No Boundaries

Know No Boundaries wants to announce that we’re now an affiliate


#XOSKIN is revolutionizing performance apparel with ground breaking

technology for your comfort.  They give special attention to the weight

and compressibility of the material.  Their designs follow the body’s

contours providing ergonomic shaping with reduced friction and

enhanced movement.  The trailblazing science behind our USPTO

Patented RAPIDriCOPPER™ seamless innovations are reinventing

how fiber, fabric and engineered 3D knitted construction function

together to provide the best ultra, road and trail running base-layers,

compression run shorts, capris, race and recovery compression

socks and sleeves, all of which have been tested at some of the

hardest races on the planet.

We at Know No Boundaries are using “boundary breaking” technology

to help us break our own boundaries.

2019 Chisholm Trail Journey Run


In 2019, I will be tuning 60 years old & thought what better way to

celebrate this as well as provide an opportunity to make the entire

event a “journey”. A journey of self discovery, a journey of breaking

boundaries & stereo-types & a journey of helping others.

On this last note, we are looking to partner with a local company or

individual who alreadyhas a cause that they support financially as

well as physically, emotionally & spiritually. If you know of such a

company, individual or cause, please reach out to us to discuss it


In the mean time, stay tuned!



Coach Jeff’s The Running Podcast interviewed Ken Saveth, the Founder & Managing Director of Know No Boundaries to talk about the upcoming Ultra Cowboy Ultra 50km that is benefiting 

Here is the link to that interview for your listening pleasure.
I recommend to subscribe to Coach Jeff’s podcast feed as there are plenty of good talks.
Run on my friends & God Bless!


​2018 Tulsa Urban Adventure

Good afternoon. Although it's been a while since my last post (I know, I need to get better!), I wanted to briefly shout out that Know No Boundaries will be "pushing boundaries" once more on September 29th at the 2018 Tulsa Urban Adventure.

After a "Crash & Burn" at the last (2) races, we decided to "regroup" & evaluate our hydration & caloric intake plan.

None-the-less, we're running the 50 miler this Saturday (and 
Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd in October) to once again prove that BOUNDARIES CAN BE BROKEN and that much of our limitations are between our ears!

Come out to support us & all the other runners. And while you're there, support 
Runner's World Tulsa as well!





     - Candy Springer-Bowlin - 

As a mother of a son who died of cancer and had no insurance, the costs were horrible. Not just the physical and mental costs, but the monetary cost required to support that person. We had to make many trips to the OU Medical center in order for Jason to get his treatment. Know No Boundaries was a God Send to our family. Ken ran a 100 mile race and recruited sponsors for the race. The monies raised were donated to Jason to support his treatments and trips to and from the OU Medical Center. Ken and the Know No Boundaries family not only supplied monetary support, but spiritual support with prayers and visits to Jason and our family. I cannot explain how much we appreciate the support and care that Know No Boundaries provided. I have seen several other families who have benefited from this organization and I am sure that they all appreciate the assistance that they received. This is truly a calling from God for Kenand the supporters of this organization. Without their support, it would have been a much harder road to travel.

            - Stacy Hicks - 

Our son, Dillon received a specially made jogging stroller from Know No Boundaries in 2012. It allowed us to run WITH Dillon , take walks with him or just bing outside. Five years later, Dillon is still enjoying it. Thank you Ken and Know No Boundaries.

                                           Know No Boundaries wants to announce that we are now an affiliate of ZUNGLE 

                                 Music SunglassesZUNGLEare amazing high end smart eyewear that combines stellar polarized sunglasses with boundary breaking technology. Listen to music, have a conversation with family friends or colleagues or ask Alexa, Siri or Google your most pressing questions.