Know No Boundaries

​​Ken Saveth - Founder/Managing Director

Know No Boundaries is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation & was founded in 2009 by Ken Saveth. Ken is a dedicated husband & father as well as a passionate ultra distance runner.

The MISSION of Know No Boundaries is to be that “catalyst” to help people to break out of their own self set, self limiting boundaries in order to be, do & become all that God has planned for them. Often times, people just need a little “push” or encouragement to start the momentum. Sometimes that “push” comes in the way of financial assistance, sometimes it is a talk of encouragement, sometimes it is a sympathetic ear & all the time, it is an open heart, the heart of a servant.

We at Know No Boundaries not only talk the talk, but we walk the walk. We much our own boundaries through our participation in numerous ultra endurance events as a means to set an example that one CAN do it. One CAN overcome obstacles & break through those self set, self limiting boundaries.