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2019 Ultra Cowboy Ultra

(September 21, 2019 @ Prairie Song in Dewey, OK)

Good afternoon. It's been a while since my last post (I know, I need to get better!),but I am trying to be better at updating and posting.

This year, the Ultra Cowboy Ultra will be held in memory of Kelvin T. Reid; for whom this race was conceived; but the proceeds will now go to help another in need. I am sure that Kelvin would have wanted it this way.

Hannah Jordan will be this year's recipient of any funds raised. Most competitive cyclists don't wear a backpack that keeps them alive as they race. But most competitive cyclists are not like Hannah Jordan. The 17-year-old Tulsa native has a rare metabolic condition that prevents her body from storing sugars. In order to survive, Jordan must always wear a backpack that houses a tube attached to her stomach. When she was younger, Jordan spent years in the hospital as doctors tried to figure out her condition. That only fueled Jordan's desire to overcome adversity and pursue her athletic ambitions. Today, just a few years after learning to ride a bike, she is competing against adult women across the United States and is on the cusp of becoming a professional rider.


(This was filmed in 2017)


REGISTRATION FOR THE 2019 Ultra Cowboy Ultra 50 km IS NOW OPEN on Eventbrite. Click the following image of Hannah to register!

Remember, this is a FREE Event (to keep expenses down) BUT IT IS A FUNDRAISER for Hannah Jordan so bring your checkbook (or cash) to make your tax deductible donation.

Tax Deductible donations can also be made by clicking on the Donate Now button on the top of this page.
Check out Hannah's latest Facebook video here -