The 2017 Ultra Cowboy Ultra 50km is in the books. Although we expected more runners, the dozen or so who did run were reward with a beautiful course. The course started off in the serene hand build western village of Prairie Song in rural Dewey, Oklahoma.

After a few opening comments from first time race director

Ken Saveth & a blessing fromFather Michael Pratt, runners were off.

Weather at the start was hot, but cloudy & even a possibility of

thunderstorms were expected later in the day.

From here, runners made their way out to Durham Road for about a

mile & then back onto the dirt farm roads of the Doenges Brothers

Ranch where they had their first aid station (approximately 3 miles in).

                                                                                       Out onto the ranch, runners experienced the beautiful "rolling hills" green fields, ponds & the occasional

                                                                                       bovine onlooker.

                                                                                       The gravel farm roads made easier on the

                                                                                       feet at times, but also had its share of

                                                                                       unevenness at times.

                                                                                       The expected thunderstorms that we

                                                                                       hoped would cool things off never

                                                                                       materialized. Instead, the sun came out

                                                                                       making it hot & very humid!

After several miles running through the Doenges Brothers Ranch, runners made to Hogshooter

Creek where a water crossing is always present. (the hoped for rain would have made the water

crossing a bit more fun, but nimble runners could have  made it across if they were creative.

                                                                       After cooling their tootsies, runners came through the Ranch Headquarters where they were welcome by UltraGator

                                                                       Kevin Lemaster. This was approximately 7ith miles into the course.

                                                                       A short mile & a quarter out & back got them back to the UltraGator aid station before running the course in reverse

                                                                       and back to the Start/Finish. The Star of the Day & the recipient of the funds raised was Ultra Cowboy Kelvin Reid.

                                                                       Here is Kelvin "strutting his stuff" as he runs to themed course aid station now approximately 12ish miles in on the

                                                                       return. The hot, humid weather too a bit of a toll on Kelvin, but he was able

                                                                       pull out a 13 miler out of it!

                                                                       Coming back onto Prairie Song, directions were obvious as one just needed

                                                                       to follow the arrow.

                                                                       Out of the dozen

                                                                       or so runners, only

                                                                       TWO pulled off the

                                                                       full 50 km. The rest

decided that 25 km (given the hot & humid weather) was


Kudos to Polly Choate & Jess Reid for stellar performances!

And to TOP IT OFF, between Paragon Films (Kelvin's employer), friends of Paragon Films & Know No Boundaries, we

raised $10,000 to help Kelvin with his mounting medical expense!

Now THAT is something to Praise God about!

Know No Boundaries