Know No Boundaries

2017 Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd Race Report

Things don’t always work out the way that one wants, however it WAS clear evidence of the importance of planning - - - planning - - - & more planning.

I knew from the get go, that I was not getting in enough long, back to back miles to allow me to have a decent performance at the 2017 Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd. I WAS getting in plenty of running, but no substantial mileage.

I guess the stubbornness of my personality told myself that I had a few things

in my favor DESPITE the fact that I didn’t get in the mileage.

1) I WAS familiar with the course

2) I WAS getting in regular mileage.

This year’s course was a bit different in that the first loop was 41 miles & the second & third loops were 29 1/2 miles. (I took the 2 hour early start option just in case.) I felt really good the first loop however & was trying to stay focused on my nutrition and my hydration. Eat, eat, eat & drink, drink, drink.

Funny thing though, is that at each aid station when I went to top off my hydration pack, I had not been drinking nearly as much as I thought. In addition, I was not urinating enough mid loop.

Coming into the Start/Finish, I topped off my hydration pack (again), grabbed a bit to eat, hooked up with Isabell Hannah (my pacer) & grabbed some trekking poles that I was going to try for this loop.

I wasn’t 4 miles into the second loop & things began to unravel. I began to get right headed & had a queasy stomach. I pushed on with tis for a while & then just HAD TO stop to get my bearings collect myself mentally. Starting up again, the cycle repeated & then repeated again. At this point, I reached the conclusion that a finish was not happening this year.

Kudos to those who did finish & even braved the torrential thunder storm & pelting hail!

Now to focus on Prairie Spirit in March 2018 & the planning of my 2019 Chisholm Trail Journey Run.