The 2016 Tulsa QT Urban Adventure 100 put on by Runner’s World Tulsa

                                                                      Although we were not able to run it this year due to being injured,we were excited this year as it will be in September rather than in June as it was in

                                                                      2015 (remember last year? Tulsa was the 2nd HOTTEST CITY IN THE USA that weekend!). This year was much better weather!

                                                                      The race course was a 25 mile loop through various parts of Tulsa. Runners had the option of running 25 miles, 50 miles, 75 miles or the full 100

                                                                      mile distances. Although most runners choose to run the 50 miler, 17 runners ran the “whole enchilada”.

                                                                      Matthew Riley took the win in a time of 21.20.06

Throughout the day & through the evening, we drove toe course over & over again providing                                                                                        a roving aid station for any of the runners in need. Thanks to Sprouts Farmers Market in Broken Arrow, OK, we had plenty of fresh fruit as                                                                                      they donated a few cases of bananas and oranges.

Throughout the race & all through the night, runners & their pacers took advantage of any                                                                                            opportunity to hydrate & grab a bite to eat.

Here, Arnold Begay & his pacer; Alecia Cartwright make a pit stop at the 11th & Utica Quik Trip. (NOTE: Arnold is in route to complete (4) back to back 100 mile races on (4) consecutive

                                                                                               weekends along with Kathy Hoover (co-owner of Runner’s World Tulsa).

                                                                                               And speaking of Kathy, here she is with JBob Jones (another running phenomenon) and their pacer; Mike Rives.

                                                                                               As the evening went on, the runners became strung out along the course

                                                                                               so we began to drive the course in reverse. This way, we would be sure

                                                                                               to catch all the runners that may (or may not) need something to eat or


                                                                                                At various places along the course, we ran into local running legend

                                                                                                (& Race Director of Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd & the Oklahoma Red Dirt

                                                                                                Series) Ken TZ Childress.

Here Ken is cruising along by the Tulsa State Fairgrounds.

And what sort of race would it be without GREAT FOOD?

Especially the delicious cupcakes from Deanna Jensen!

                                                                                            Thank you to all who supported this year's race.

                                                                                             God Bless!

Know No Boundaries